Frequently Asked Questions

What does a paid membership provide that I can’t get in the free resources section?
Our low monthly membership fee provides more in-depth content than what is provided in the Free Resources section.  Membership also provides discounts on products, workshops, training and seminars.

Why can’t non-members post reviews?
We want reviews to be as fair and unbiased as possible.  Having reviews from members who pay the monthly fee ensures that they are engaged in the process of learning – not just posting a positive review to help their friend sell a workshop (or posting a bad review to hurt their competition).

Every reviewer must provide information about the workshop, and one detail that will not be made public (something unique or definitive they learned or a funny quip or incident from the workshop) – this allows us, if the need arises, to verify a review with the instructor – and allows us to keep the process anonymous.  The name of the reviewer is never revealed to the instructor.  We will occasionally verify reviews, both good and bad.  When the instructor is contacted, they will have to verify the student’s attendance before we reveal of the review is positive or negative.

Why make the reviews anonymous?
We don’t like cliques or social politics (we aren’t in high school anymore people) – keeping the reviews anonymous gives members the ability to speak freely, without worries that their Facebook page will get slammed with comments.

What if I get a negative review?
If the majority of your reviews are positive, we’ll take a look and see if anything is out of line.  Once we verify that the reviewer truly attended your workshop or program, we’ll offer them the option to connect with you to resolve the issue.  If they refuse and the review is of a legitimate and factual nature, it stays.  What is the point of a review process if we only post good reviews?  You have to take the good with the bad to have a fair process.

Do instructors pay to be included on the site?
Instructors must meet certain criteria, but they do not pay a fee to list their workshop.  They do pay a small percentage to Wedologie when they sell a seat through our site.

I want to sell my workshop through Wedologie – what do I need to do?
Contact us at with all of your details.  If accepted, we ask that you provide two things – two-three articles for the free resources section of the site (no sales pitches, we need content that truly helps others in the industry) and the opportunity (time permitting) to interview about your business and workshop.