Mentoring and Coaching for small businesses and wedding professionals


I started Wedologie so that everyone could have what I have – a great network of like-minded business professionals who support each other and want you to succeed.

So WHO is on Wedologie?

Mentors • Experts • Accountability Groups

Our mentors and experts are the real deal.  With years of experience and a proven record of leadership, they are dedicated to helping you achieve more.

Whether you are just getting started, or you need someone to help you get re-energized about your business, mentors are a truly valuable resource.  One-on-one mentoring and short term programs are available so you can find just the solution you need.  Our mentors have years, even decades of experience in their respective fields.  Photographers, wedding planners, stylists, designers – you can find just the right match for you.

Need a website review?  A quick class on SEO?  Crash course in productivity?
We all need a little help sometimes!  With your  membership, you will get access to amazing experts, at exclusive rates available only through Wedologie.  Plus tons of articles, tutorials and guides are added everyday, some are free for all, but many are just for Wedologie members.

Accountability Groups:
When brainstorming Wedologie, this was my most favorite idea – and it came from my own accountability group!  I didn’t even realize I had created one with my good friend and business partner ( Brooke.  We are both photographers, but in different markets, so we aren’t competing with each other for jobs.  Each day we check in with each other, set goals, and basically help keep each other on track.  Its like having someone to chat with over the cubicle wall – without the annoying 9-5 job to go with it.

If you aren’t lucky enough to have your own Brooke (I’m not sharing, she is mine!), you can connect with someone through Wedologie!  Of course you COULD do this on your own, but its not always easy to connect with people outside of your market.  Plus, we can match you up with people who are working toward the same goal as you, or who have different strengths so you can help each other out in areas where you might not be the strongest (productivity, marketing, branding, all that fun stuff).

So, yea – its a bit like online dating for business, but without all that awkward physical contact.

Want to give it a try?  Fill out this survey and within a few days we’ll send you a list of potential matches.  You will only be connected if you both agree (and look at that!  No “fear of rejection!”)




Business owners spend too much time worrying about their “competition” – you don’t have any!  The great thing about running a small business is that you get to sell YOU!  Your unique persepective, your experience, your style – no one else has that.  They might try to imitate, but they are already playing catch-up to what YOU already have.