Networking as a Serial Entrepreneur – Advice for Small Business & Wedding Professionals


Any other serial entrepreneurs out there?  Or do you have a business that has a lot of drastically different services or offerings?

I started my career as a wedding photographer, but I shifted my focus (pun fully intended) to headshots to complement my small business consulting & instruction.  I also run a shared work/meeting space in Philadelphia…oh, and I’m launching a new resource website for wedding pros…

So you can see why I might get a little uncomfortable when people ask “what do you do?” How do you describe what you do without sounding like you have a multiple personality disorder?

I love that I have diverse interests and I’m fortunate that these businesses are successful, but it can be rather difficult to fit everything I “do” into an introduction or “elevator pitch.” So rather than sound so scattered, I’ve decided to take a new approach….

When I meet someone at a networking event, I’m now going to ask what THEY do first.  If they approach, I’ll attempt to redirect with a polite “well, I do a few different things, but tell me about what you do,” politely asking them to go first. This will allow me to tailor my response about what I “do” to best relate to them…and hopefully sound a little less crazy…at least until I reach an awkward pause, panic and then say something strange… but that is a topic for another post!

What else do you DO, to describe what you DO, if you DO a lot of different things?  Feel free to comment below!