I want to talk to you a little bit about naming your images for Search Engine Optimization, SEO. When you get your images from your camera or from your photographer, they have a name – usually something like IMG_123.jpg. And that is just the automatic name that the camera gives to the image. Now the reason that you want to rename it, is that google can’t see what is in that image. The picture that we have here with this girl doing this incredible move that I don’t even understand, google doesn’t see that google sees pixels, and the name. If you name your image properly, google will see, but if you post an image with that generic “IMG_123.jpg,” google has no idea whats in there unless you tell it.

In this post my target keywords are PHILADELPHIA HEADSHOT, and you’ll notice that I have the keywords in the title of the post, in my first heading and in my text – but I’m also going to have it in the name of the photos I post AND in the alternative text.

This tells Google that the image is related to the content and its all connectied and is RICH content.

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