While we are building Wedologie into a platform to better serve the wedding industry, we want to help you improve your business.

Laura Eaton, the founder of Wedologie, has built several successful businesses over her 13 years in the wedding industry. She built one of the top wedding photography studios in Philadelphia, and photographed weddings around the world. During this time she also created Soiree in the City, a highly regarded bridal event for 5 years and later founded Soiree Philadelphia – the city’s first shared creative collective for creative professionals.

During the development of these businesses, Laura built everything from the ground-up, including doing all of her graphic design, website development, branding and marketing. Her dedication to the wedding industry has lead her to teaching and educating other wedding professionals on how to become more productive and profitable.

Laura is available for website reviews, one-on-one coaching, workshop and speaking engagements, details are below:

$350 – Website Review:
– Laura will examine your website and provide you with valuable feedback on appearance, engagement, SEO and your marketing strategy.
– Up to 90 minutes of review time on a phone or  Skye call.  These sessions are available in person if you are located in the Philadelphia area.

$150 – Social Media Review
– This review can either help your launch or refine your social media presence.  We will review the various available platforms (Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, YouTube, etc…) and evaluate their impact and application to your business.  These are available as photo or Skype calls only.

$500 – Business Consulting
– This is a comprehensive (and sometimes brutally honest) assessment of your current business and it’s future.  Laura will provide you with tons of feedback, insights and new ideas to help boost your profitability.  This consultation will include the major elements of the Website Review and Social Media review, but will also delve into your books and expenses to target the ways you can grow and make more money.

$1000 – Open Book Training for Photographers
– Laura built up her photography business from shooting her first wedding for $225 (the cost of film & processing!) to booking weddings, both in Philadelphia and internationally, in the range of $7500-$10000 (many photographers embellish their “numbers.”  I can, and will happily, show you completed contracts upon request).  This training is completely “Open Book” – she will answer any and all questions, on everything from business development, shooting, attracting and booking the right clients and more.  Nothing is “off-limits.”

– Why is Laura offering this?   After 13 years of shooting weddings, Laura reached the top of the Philadelphia market, but life circumstances changed (as they do) and Laura found herself craving new challenges.  She felt she could offer more to the wedding industry as a whole with the development of Wedologie.  While this new platform is being built, which will take some time, Laura is offering to share her experience to help you take your business to its highest possible level.

To book Laura for any of these services, email her at

Laura is also available for speaking engagements and can conduct workshops on a variety of topics.