I see so many entrepreneurs posting on Facebook: which is the easiest website I can put up quickly? Can I just use drag & drop? Who does cheap logo design? Shouldn’t I just outsource everything I don’t want to do?

I’ve never been much of a shortcut kind of person.  When I wanted my first website, I learned HTML, when I needed a logo, I designed my own, and when I realized the importance of blogging, I researched the heck out of how to do it and got to work.

Looking back one could argue that I wasn’t efficient with my time, that I could have done it faster.  I love that quote from Steve Jobs, “you can only connect the dots looking back” – I see now that those things helped me excel at my business and helped in grow in ways that would benefit me in the future.  Now I’m not “just a photographer” – I can speak with authority on SEO, I can help people design their sites, and I can provide strategic business development.  If I had taken shortcuts with a ready-made site and paid others to do everything, I wouldn’t have grown and developed these other skill sets.

Bottom line… it takes time, and it can be massively annoying, but:  DO THE WORK

Your future, more educated and awesome self, will thank you.


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