Traditionally, when you start a business, you buy a domain and create a website.  Then, to engage your customers, you create a blog so that current and prospective clients can follow you and your success.

Websites are best suited for businesses that don’t need to or can’t update their content on a regular basis.  If your offerings don’t change often, or you don’t have recent work to show, a website will allow you to feature only your best work (and it hopefully won’t be obvious if you haven’t updated it in a while).

If you have a steady stream of new work, new clients or you are creating new offerings on a daily, weekly or monthly basis, a blog site will allow you to always have your newest work and most recent clients featured at the top of your page.  Blog-sites are so versatile now, you can still have a gallery of your best work featured, links to your contact page, testimonials and everything you can do with a traditional website.

Blogs, because they feature the date of your last post, also help to keep you accountable and encourage you to update your content often.  Even if you don’t have new work to show, you can still post about current trends and new products or services you are developing.

I am a huge fan of WordPress.  Over the 13 years I’ve been in business, I’ve done everything from building my first website from scratch with HTML , using flash based template sites, and finally settling on a WordPress template from ProPhoto Blogs*  I’ve found that my SEO is best with WordPress, and its such a simple system, I never have any trouble making updates.  It also comes with Yoast SEO tools, so you really don’t have any excuse not to have awesome optimization on your site.

*I don’t have any financial relationship with ProPhotoBlogs, other than buying tons of sites from them because they offer the best customer service I’ve encountered in well, forever.